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Are you business Professional looking to improve your sales conversations ?
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Then You are at a Right Place. Welcome to Tranquil CRM Software. Ultimate Business Solution for your Customer Service and Customer Relationship. Easy to Implement and Easy to Use Software.

The complete sales crm software designed specifically for Indian Sales Process. Tranquil CRM is an integrated instrument that assists you in building and maintaining relationships with your customers by developing consistent interaction between your sales, marketing, and support team.

CRM Software for Business Development

In today’s uplifting competitive sales aspect, consumers are more knowledgeable and have higher expectations than always. For your business to succeed in the digital transformation drive, your sellers must engage customers in new essential techniques. Your teams bound to waste a lot of time managing routine manual tasks. Every day they spend several hours organizing sales pipelines, finding contact information, updating deal data, creating follow-up reminders, and doing many more other tasks. Tranquil CRM assists you in automating all the Manual Tasks to increase your sales team productivity. Tranquil CRM Integrates and automatically capture leads from marketing platforms such as Portals, virtual calls, live chat, website inquiries, and Mobile App Leads, and Enquiry Form Submissions to CRM software without any manual efforts, automatically captures leads into CRM software without any manual attempts. Take control of the larger picture with cutting edge analytics such as a Lead source-wise report, Customer status wise report, incoming calls, live chat, Website Inquiries, aging analysis, and many more.

Tranquil CRM is an access center for all customers' data, which used to optimize sales and marketing strategy and provide better consumer service and enhance customer relationships.

Get ready to discover all the Benefits and Features of the Best CRM software in India.

Tranquil Sales CRM software is from the house of Tranquil Web Solutions. Tranquil Sales management software process to manage customers activities, work on today activities, pending events, and future operations. Moreover, it is easy to access for sending SMS and email integration with pre-defined templates, and contemporize processes for an organization interaction with sales pipeline prospects, and opportunities.

  • Save time by centralizing customer data.
  • Streamlining internal communication and collaboration.
  • Automated tasks for your teams.
  • You will be able to make knowledgeable decisions faster by getting better insights from CRM customer data.
  • Convert more leads to customers, you will be able to boost deals closure and increase customer retention.
  • Enhance sales follow-ups process.
  • Focus more on valuable customers.
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell your one-time customers.
  • Identify hidden opportunities in your business.
  • You can respond to your customers faster to enhance sales follow ups.
  • File Manager multiple folders for brochures, flyers, marketing collateral, and more.
  • Increase your sales team productivity by tracking your executives daily sales meetings, follow-ups, track sales opportunities, sales closures, current opportunities and help them to prioritize important tasks.
  • Advanced and ever-evolving solutions
  • Solutions easy to infuse in the organizational structure
  • Maxim utilization of resources
  • Business intelligence with the Easy process
  • Applicable to all the departments of a business
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Tranquil CRM is one of the Top 10 Best CRM software Companies to build Universal CRM, Real estate CRM software / Real estate software, Builders CRM, Events Organizers CRM, Financial Services CRM, Automotive CRM, Interiors CRM, Agency CRM and more. Tranquil CRM powered with 96+ Features to automate the Process, Customer Relationship management, and helps to organize, automate, contemporize business processes.

lead management software

Lead management

Is to manage your customers and their requirements. Manage employee Daily Activities, Auto Capturing Enquiries, Telecaller Integration, Bulk Enquiry Uploads

CRM for small business


All the Communications such as calls, SMS, email, WhatsApp through the phone are recorded and available for you as communication history.

best cloud CRM for Performance management

Performance Analytics

Employee, Source, Spent, Daily, Monthly, Tgt Vs. Ach, Cost Per Sale, KPF/Daily Productivity, Requirement wise summary, time Spent on Activities, many more.

best cloud crm


There are Auto SMS & Emails for the defined activities, auto-reminders to phone on scheduled events, activity calendar, and Many more.

sales tracking app

Drip Campaigns

Send Right information at the right time and engage Customers with Drip Marketing Campaigns based on customer progress and activities to get more business.

sales management system Integration


Tranquil CRM is Centralized campaigns and encrypted data integrated with Desktop, android and IOS app, Live Chat, Website, Portals, Virtual Calls.

mobile crm

Accounts / Bills

You can create Quotations, Proforma Invoices, Invoices; Bills paid, GST amounts, Closed business, Payments Received, Due amounts tracking.

CRM Marketing

Project management

Create Projects to Manage Various Clients' works and Assign to employees and track the tasks and monitor the time spent on every activity on each project.

sales tracking app for HRM

HR management

Attendance management, Jobs mgmt, Performance mgmt, Offer letters, Appointment Letters, Increments, Promotions, Performance Appraisals, and more.

sales management software

Task management

Assign any task to team members and update the files, remarks, and track the tasks, reassign the responsibilities, monitor pending tasks, and updates by the team.

sales CRM software


Sales APP with Tracking of Employees, Activities, Attendance, Customer Meetings, Customer Locations, along with the time stamp and time spent on Activities.

cloud CRM app


Tranquil is with Security Features Such as Data encryption, Log history, IP Based access, Alert on Every Login. Download disabled and more.

Tranquil Profile
Tranquil Profile

Experience Highly Advanced CRM APP

Our User-friendly Mobile app assists sales executives to address the leads when they are on the fields and gives the daily sales report on a single click. Tranquil, CRM Lead management With User, Master, Telecaller, Agent / CP, Visitor, Customer Mobile CRM Apps.

Lead management
Mobile sales management system
Daily Sales Report

CRM Lead Management

Tranquil CRM Lead Management Software is to manage your customers and their requirements. Lead Management is centralized customer data to handle a complete customer management process that comprises all significant features from lead acquisition to distribution to closing.

When a prospect shares his information and requirements, it is essential to maintain his complete information and requirement details in a centralized database for consistant communication across the departments. You can automate assigning inquiries to employees without any manual work. As and when any inquiry received by your employee will get an automated SMS, Email to contact the customer in a quick time. Your sales force can create activities such as follow-ups, phone calls, meetings, negotiations, and get-notifications, reminders to contact your customers at the right time with the right follow-ups to engage your customers until they get fulfilled with their requirements.

Lead Management Software

Auto SMS and Email Settings will help your team to send an auto SMS and Email to your customers as and when your sales team finishes their activities. You can also integrate the telesales team for making calls and assigning the prospective leads to the sales team by using the mobile app to capture all necessary details from the prospects and transfer the information to the sales team on a single click. There is a provision to upload bulk inquiries through excel and assign inquiries to your sales team and telesales team.

Every business establishment that grew strong at a national or global level understands the significance of Lead Management and how to use a CRM system. For them, CRM Implementation in their company is an investment, not an expenditure.

When a customer shares the requirement that linked to getting advantage of a product or service, that customer becomes a lead. Some leads may transform to customers instantly, others may take more days or months, and some more leads never convert as a business. Effective lead management will assist you in successful tracking of leads from the primary interaction to closure and beyond.

There are Many Advantages of Lead Management

  • Dynamic Lead Tracking
  • Impactful Lead Processing
  • Easy Filters for Your Leads
  • Automation of Tasks
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Improve Team Coordination
  • Monitoring Sales Processes
  • Prioritizing Your customers and Activities
  • Personalize Your Customer Communications
  • Save Your Valuable Time
  • Quick Analysis of the Reports
  • Response time
CRM Communications

Customer Communications

All the Communications are integrated, such as making calls to customers, sending personalized SMS, Group SMS, Reminders, Personalized email, Group Emails, Reminder Emails, On Click to Send WhatsApp, and record messages sent through WhatsApp and these all available for you as communication history. In today's unconventional nation, the buyer will manage 80% of the association with a company without communicating with a person." Your consumers need to be able to reach you, notwithstanding whether they are traveling, sitting in his car, or sitting at the airport. The more communications you can have with your buyer, the better the connection you can develop. Still, you require to be capable to cater to their lifestyle moreover put a character to a name and number. CRM can help a company's internal communications in many different forms. If you have experience of working in an environment where information was lacking, and you didn't understand what was performing on at the best of times, you would be smart to relate closely!

This central storing of essential information streamlines communications within an organization because all information is accurately stored and easily accessible in a central location in an on-demand and convenient format. This process helps to rapidly enhance interactions between departments and key members within your company. Conclusively, Tranquil CRM can hugely develop internal information. When these results, your employees and customers are more satisfying, and this is why it is one of the most valuable benefits of using Tranquil CRM.

  • SMS Integrated Along with the Templates
  • Incoming and Outgoing Call Integration.
  • Call Recordings for Future Reference.
  • Email Integrated Along with the Templates
  • Group SMS & Group Email Sending Options.
  • Whatsapp Integration to Send Messages.

Performance Analytics

Employee, Source, Spent, Daily, Monthly, Tgt Vs. Ach, Cost Per Sale, KPF/Daily Productivity, Requirement wise summary, time Spent on Activities, many more. CRM analytics includes the dashboard that analyzes customer data and displays it to help expedite and streamline more reliable company decisions. CRM analytics are statistics or summaries that present insights into areas like sales team performance or customer service team performance, explaining how a business operates. These insights help companies make decisions to serve customers adequately, develop relationships, and boost sales. Full-featured Tranquil CRM offers automated CRM analytics instruments that aggregate customer data into significant statements versus using excel sheets. CRM analytics is buyer intercommunication data that assists businesses in making more knowledgeable resolutions around sales, service, and marketing exercises.

CRM Performace Analysis

These analytics includes an extensive area and includes deal-win-loss ratios, Calls made by the team, overdue project tasks, and open service calls. When aggregated inside relevant reports, these summaries can benefit business point opportunities or threats. The most beneficial instruments to pursue CRM analytics extend within the CRM software itself.

Through Tranquil CRM automation, all your sales data and other customer data like prospect communications, customer engagement, customer service activity, billing, and project management activities recorded automatically. The software’s advanced CRM analytics allow you to view and evaluate drifts taking place in your business so you can take curative action where needed.

Through CRM analytics, you will know more about the business by pursuing consumer information points like product sales and prospect engagement. These devices consolidate data into reports where you can recognize inclinations (such as increasing sales), describe what they mean, and take action. Unlike manually trailing information and making synopsis reports, CRM programming regularly permits you to click a couple of tabs to create reports and dashboards without leaving the interface, sparing your time.

Some of the Analytics Reports as follows

  • Meetings Day wise
  • Projected Meetings
  • Update Day Report
  • Daily Performance Reports
  • Monthly Day Report Summary
  • Daily Report Summary
  • Employees Cost Per Sale Summary
  • Requirement Wise Month Till Date Performance
  • Source wise analysis
  • Today Plan Vs Ach
  • Yesterday Plan Vs Ach
  • Employee Current Month Performance
  • Employee Previous Month Performance
  • Employee Pending Activities
  • Dropout Reasons
  • Completed Activities Summary
  • Requirement Performance
  • Requirement Pre Month Performance
  • Lead Summary With Future Activities
  • Call Summary
CRM Automation

CRM Automation

CRM Automation helps your team to spend minimal time in managing the activities; rest all is automated activity to engage and communicate customers. As a business professional, you want a more reliable way to keep up with your associations, see your team's communication with prospects, identify where your dealings stand, and finally push your company progressive. You'd instead do your original work and not bother about a CRM (customer relationship management) tool. You've seen the value of a CRM, recognized the best CRM for your team (perhaps a CRM that even automates your customer care, marketing, and communications), and got out how other companies use a CRM. It's time to implement your CRM to work for you.

Before doing so, you'll need to feel comfortable around your CRM and set up with the fields, records, labels, and more that will work for your group. When you've done that, your CRM will probably start to robotize a portion of your increasingly regular manual assignments, for example, total your contacts' informal organization connections or add structure entries to your lead list.

Auto SMS & Emails:

Tranquil CRM Automation Includes Sending an SMS and Email as and when any customer added to the CRM, Send Company Profile, Brochures, or any marketing collateral.

Activity Update Notifications:

You can send an automated personalized SMS & Email on any activity completion or cancel update by your team members. Store your incoming customer inquiries from your website to CRM and automatically assign the leads to your sales team.

Due Reminders

You can send due reminders to customers through CRM, along with the outstanding details and paid history to the clients. These due reminders can be configured based on timelines and multiple schedules, and more.

Activity Reminders

There are customized Notifications to your sales team for the activity reminders, update as per their scheduled date and time. As you understood, Tranquil CRM connected with mobile apps; it will get the activity reminders to your phone to follow the customer at the right time. These reminders also have an option to configure to get reminders for minutes, hours, days, and the defined intervals.

Reminder to Customers

Automation is not only with the sales team and their activities; your customers get the reminders for the scheduled events with your company.

Drip Marketing Campaigns

Drip Marketing Campaigns are automated rules that send a set of communications or content to sales leads through SMS, Email, Images, and Attachments, at the right moment to move them through the sales cycle. Drip Marketing campaigns empower you to reach leads with appropriate information based on time interims consistently, the progress noted by prospects on your website, or other activities, releasing important marketing and sales resources without forgetting your opportunities. Drip Marketing Campaigns are configurable based on particular actions performed by your sales team.Drip marketing is an arrangement for conveying data about an organization through a constant flow of marketing messages, including messages, web-based life posts, postcards, calls, pamphlets, and printed bulletins (See Newsletter Marketing likewise). These instruments raise brand mindfulness for buyers and develop leads to close the deals.

CRM Drip Marketing Campaigns

In several circumstances, drip marketing utilizes computerized administrations to convey these messages at specific focuses in time, permitting organizations to send reactions following a customer communicates enthusiasm for the data.

On Lead Creation

Using Drip Marketing Campaigns, you can engage customers at the right time and target the right customers. You can define the campaigns on inquiry day template one as an SMS, inquiry day two company profile through email as an attachment, day three flyer as clickable, image email, and many more.

After Activity

You can send a personalized SMS and Email after completion of any specific activity such as meeting, phone call, etc.,

Products / Services Recall

When Customer enquires, and he is not responsive to progress towards the deal, you may start the drip marketing campaign to get them back and progress the deal towards the closure.

When Closed Lost

After Customer enquired with your company, later dropped an Idea to take your products or services, you may do the strategic drip marketing campaign which will engage them to come back to you.

There are Many Advantages of Drip Marketing Campaigns

  • Timely Information
  • Easy Automation
  • Stay Connected to Customers
  • Lead Progressing
  • Relationship Building
  • Brand Awareness
  • Re-engage with unengaged contacts
  • Up-selling / Cross-selling

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One-Stop Solution for all your Business Needs

Customer management software for Salesforce

Tranquil CRM System is a cloud-based Business management software, built for all types of businesses. And this is a suitable CRM for small business and Best software for Startups.

It is a business CRM Tool that allows you to manage all your customers, partners, and prospects information all in one place and gives a better case study to enhance the customer experience. It is a secure cloud-based CRM Solutions that can help every part of your business and get a 360-degree view of your customers.

It also built-in Mobile CRM available in Android and IOS for easy access, through Mobile CRM, you may easily manage the Daily Sales Report and quick communication with the customer. It is a fully customized software / Custom CRM and user-friendly CRM marketing software. And it covers every customer touchpoint and every stage of the customer lifecycle, so you can close deals, log calls, analyze site traffic personalize, track emails or by contacting and view your team performance wherever you are. Activity tracking ensures first score, instant customer updates, free website monitoring tool, so there are no surprises when you’re on the go. It makes it easy for you because everything is connected. Tranquil, being one of the CRM vendors in India, Provides you best features to enhance your business processes.

Communications With Customers and Employees

Tranquil is one of the Leading Company in CRM Companies. Customer Connect is a group of customers and sending easily personalized communications. Every communication of the customer can view the customer details page. You can make a call, send SMS, send an email, send WhatsApp message in a click of a button. Customer communications help your team to get the data in multiple groups and start sending the group SMS as personalized SMS. Every communication through group SMS also will be stored in the customer view page.

You can create email templates for sending group emails to the customer groups as personalized emails. Every group email sent to customers kept in record with the customer view page along with the email subject and email text. In the overall database, you can start grouping customers and keep them in speciality groups. For example, you want to group the people who didn't purchase from you in the last 30 days; you can arrange it and start sending group SMS and group emails.

Through software in the file manager, you can create many folders to have easy access to all the users. Every file you may upload to their defined folders for easy understanding can give a title to every file you are uploading.

As and when you want to use the file, you may get into the file manager and search for the required data and do a quick download of the required folder. If you want to send any file to the customer, on a click of a button, you can easily send the file to the customer and every mail stored in the customer information sheet.

What is CRM software used for in your business?

Through software, you can automatize your business litigates and synchronize all the consents of customer needs to get an overall approximation about the business position. Every Activity completion or creation, your customer will get an auto-configured message for the right communication.

Add the expenses towards every sales and marketing source. Cloud CRM automatically calculates the cost per deal on each source. It helps you to understand which source giving you the deal at a lower spend. There are Auto SMS & Emails for the defined activities, auto-reminders to phone on scheduled events, activity calendar, and Many more.

While you are busy with customer meetings, you may miss a few scheduled activities to speak or meet them. Such actions will be available in pending events to re-connect with them and reschedule meetings.

You may send due reminders to customers with a pre-defined template with the expected values automatically on a click of a button.

How does CRM help sales?

If thoughtfully planned, meticulously incorporated and used well, there may be some direct and indirect advantages of using Tranquil. Some of the essential benefits are:

Saves time: The Top CRM software collates and reserves all the customer interaction database centralized, thus preserving data management period. All the staff members can observe the relevant data of a potential client or a hot customer and work on converting it into a sale.

Saves Effort: Effective software may assign tasks and targets automatically to the person, or a team of employees. This task process makes the CRM systems more info, predictable and transparent, helping the best management to focus their energies towards preparation and implementation of their other core elements of the business.

Increases Revenues: Tranquil CRM solution will have the ability to maximize revenue generation by helping management teams to understand the customers' better so that they can invent customer data policies and framework to meet the sales marketing and customer targets. By helping to make the most of the operational efficiencies, most contact management provides the industry benchmark practices that tested to be productive and successful in improving procedures and increasing revenues.

Easily configurable and Scaled: Most CRM software is designed with long-term demands in mind and accepting future growth into consideration. To this end, this software is easily scalable and customizable.

Improved Social Media Marketing: Reaching from the sales pipeline prospective clients through their existing and frequently accessed social media accounts has advantages of cost and maximizes customer engagement.

What are the best CRM platforms?

There are multiple CRM platforms such as
1. Operational CRM (for sales automation, marketing automation, and service automation), 2. Analytical CRM ( helps top management, marketing, sales and support employees to define the better way to serve customers.), 3. Collaborative CRM / strategic CRM (Enables an organization to give customers’ information between several business units like the sales team, marketing team, technical and support team). Through Tranquil CRM platform, you can track Employees and their activities, Attendance management, Customer Meetings, meeting real-time locations along with the time stamp, and time spent on Activities. CRM from Tranquil CRM software Company has the Proper tracking of users' log. CRM database stores the activity of every user. From which IP user is accessing and what time and date the user is accessing the CRM.

Tranquil Online CRM Marketing List brings all the information into one cohesive unit. In customer View, you may find the customer's entire history with your business lives alongside a list of sales, emails, SMS, notes, and meetings in one interface. Add to this the fact that you can get real-time notifications when your customers perform an essential activity. It can be the distinction between winning a deal and losing it. Tranquil CRM also is your gateway to improved sales process and productivity, better pipelines, and better coordination between sales teams.

Everything you need to understand about the customers and their demographic features, prospects, latest discussions with your business, activity on your website, even their new tickets is possible on one screen. You can also perform related actions, like email marketing / calling the prospect, writing down a note, and setting up an appointment, without leaving this screen. Every customer satisfaction has a world of their own, and that's what the Tranquil Customer Relationship management CRM captures and it is one of the best alternatives of Zoho CRM and HubSpot CRM.

API Integrations to get the prospects directly to CRM

With an integrated API, you may easily include all the sources pushing the contacts to Online Sales App. You may incorporate enquiries coming from Portals, Website, Live Chat, SMS Gateway, Email Gateway, Google Analytics, Contact management Form in Website, Channel Partners/ Agents APP, Telecallers App.

Accounts / Bills, Outstanding Details

You can create multiple quotations to multiple customers, and store the complete information along with the products they choose, create proforma invoices in easy steps. Create Tax Invoices; Bills paid to various vendors and sub-vendors, GST amounts calculations for received amounts, paid amounts. Expected business sales cycle tracking for all the customers' contact information who shown their interest to take your product or customer service, Payments Received, Due amounts following.

Task management to Manage wide range Tasks

Assign any task to team members and update the files, remarks, and track the tasks, reassign the responsibilities, monitor pending tasks, and updates by the team.

You can assign the task and start mapping the job to the users in your company and start managing customer service task, track and update any information if required by the person you assigned the task and finish the job in a quick time. Through Customer relationship management software task assigning, you can start tracking the task status, whether it is in the process of the action or it is still pending. In case if you want to change the user on click on a button, you can change the assignee. Task feature in CRM software for small businesses is very much useful to enhance the team productivity

Any task assigned to you through our CRM tasks, you can view assigned tasks and start performing the task and upload the necessary documents towards the job.

Integrated Customized CRM

Tranquil CRM platforms an integrated customized application developed to provide a holistic overview of all kind of customer interactions and help businesses to constitute stronger customer relationships with their customers through CRM Tools List.

Mobile CRM Available in Android and IOS Apps

When you compare Customized CRM software in India, they must be having sales management software through Mobile APP. Experience Highly Advanced Mobile CRM APP. Tranquil CRM With User, Master, Telecaller, Agent / CP, Visitor, Customer Mobile CRM Apps. The most striking aspect of the software is the Mobile APP that gives quick and easy path. In extension to managing complete control over the activities, this software has one of the most potent time tracking tools. Leave administration and claim compensation is a hassle-free task using this software.

CRM software for Advanced planning, strategy, & execution

Prospecting activity: Daily, monitor the prospecting activity, which is involved in lead generation, new lead scoring for the business by various sales personals. This activity helps you to understand how your team is feeding the right number of new opportunities for future business.

Sales Activity: For generating more business or sales, it is essential to perform activities consistently to achieve goals.

Tranquil CRM activity process helps you to understand daily, how the Sales team is performing the sales activities such as phone calls, follow-ups, site visit follow-ups, site visits, negotiations and expected sales conversion.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Performance: Measuring and understanding performance is significant to get more results from the team. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Performance matrix help management or organization to know where to focus more and which employee needs more training to get better results for the organization.

Tranquil CRM built entirely for many companies that automate the complete Pre-Sales, Post-Sales and marketing automation software for your business and enabled your team to acquire more number of sales with practical efforts.

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